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LED Replacement

LED Replacement

Project code:



Non-Domestic Buildings & Industrial Processes


RH13 0QX

Local authority:


Stage of development:

Design, Planning & Feasibility

Funding required:


Funding complete:




Cost per tonne of CO2e saved:


Benefits beyond carbon saving:

Recreational & Cultural Benefits, Reduced Running Costs,

The project is seeking to reduce the emissions and lower the energy bills of a popular leisure centre in Horsham District, which provides a range of services to the community. Specifically, the project will replace the flourescent tube lighting with LED lights, which will have a significant impact on the carbon footprint and running costs of the leisure centre. By assisting the charity to keep utility costs as low as possible this will help to maintain affordable hire / usage fees to the community as a whole. This will ensure that the facility really does remain fully inclusive and open to all. *This project's location is randomly generated within the borough*